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Boardroom Layout

Boardroom Meeting Layout ( Accomodate 15 to 40 Pax )

- Popular for small groups up to 35 pax

- The group is compact and discussion is facilitated as every delegate can see each other.

- This layout is not recommended if there is a presentation at one end of the room.




Cabaret Layout

Caberet Meeting Layout ( Accommodate 25 to 50 pax )

- Facilitates working in small groups. Tables usually seat 8 to 10 pax

- Good for social and gala events.

- Many of the delegates have their backs to the centre of the room and this needs to be considered according to your requirments




Classroom Layout

Classroom Layout  ( Accommodate 25 - 55 pax ) - Great for training and presentations - Everyone facing the front of the room with clear view of the speaker/presentation - Each conference attendee has a table and ample workspace




Fishbone Layout

Fishbone Layout - More intimate than Classroom layout this setup means conference attendees can see each other as well as the trainer/presenter.




Halfmoon Layout

Halfmoon Layout (  Accommodate 25 - 50 Pax - More inclusive than Cabaret Style, all delegates face the front of the room - This layout is not space efficent and is more suitable for smaller groups




Theatre Layout

Theatre Layout ( Accommodate 40 - 90 pax )

- This is the most suitable layout for large groups making the best use of space.

- All conference attendees are facing the front of the room with a comfortable view of the speaker and presentation.

- Speaker can be elevated on a stage or podium and seating is tiered to the back to ensure a clear view for all 



U-Shape Layout

U-Shape Layout ( Accommodate 15 - 40 pax )

- This layout combines the intimacy of boardroom set up with a clear view to the front of the room

- Ideal for small groups requiring a presentation and discussion forum.


Conference Package  :

* Veg conference package          @  Rs 750 + 18% GST


* Non-Veg Conference Package  @  Rs 850 + 18% GST



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